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Solitaire (in England this game is known as patience) is one of the most favorite pastimes for one person. In Italy and Spain this game is also known as solitario. Solitaire is actually not a single game, but a family of games. There are several hundreds of different solitaire variations.

Solitaire is usually played with one, or two standard 52-card decks shuffled together. A few games use non-standard or cut decks. The objective of solitaire game is typically to sort the pack of cards into order in accordance with particular rules of play. Player wins if the sorting is successful.

Some solitaire games are games of skill, where the element of chance plays little or no part in these games. Others are purely mechanical. Some solitaires are nearly impossible to win. Others are easy and they come out almost every time.

Each solitaire player has his own personal favorites. The most popular solitaires include Accordion, Canfield, Freecell, Golf, Klondike, Pyramid and Spider.

It's believed that Napoleon Bonaparte played solitaire (patience) in his spare time during his exile at St Helena.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was another well known solitaire player. Spider solitaire is said to have been his favorite solitaire game.

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